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Help the planet! Save good food from restaurants at great prices!
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de tone de mâncare sunt risipite în România zilnic!

Save food from your favorite restaurants every day

Every day thousands of tons of food end up being thrown away. A large part of them leave from the restaurants and the shops in our cities. It is often difficult for food producers to estimate how much food they should produce in a day to meet demand, so excess food is produced that ends up in landfills. Our mission is to turn surplus food into Savables!

Words about Savables in media

The brilliant idea of ​​two young people from Timișoara. How it helps restaurant owners save money and reduce food waste.
The menu of the day is cheaper, with food that would, otherwise, end up in the trash. How Savables is fighting food waste.
Stop food waste! Savables has the win-win-win solution for customers, locals and the planet.
Two students from Timisoara help restaurants to reduce food waste. In just three months, a ton of food was saved.
Savables' mission is to turn surplus food into salvaged food. Two young people from Timișoara set out on this journey a year ago.

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