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We help restaurants in Timișoara to reduce food waste by selling the surplus at discounted prices.

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What is Savables?

Savables is a marketplace through which restaurants can sell their surplus food in order to reduce food waste.

To speed up the sale, the food is sold at ~50% less than the normal price.

What kind of products can I find on Savables?

Product types may vary from day to day, depending on their availability in the stock of our partners.

For example, one day a restaurant with an assisted window type can have a surplus of salad, and on another day a surplus of natural potatoes.

Precisely to help such partners even more, they have the possibility to offer a "surprise menu", which can vary in content from one day to the next.

Can I order with delivery?

No, we currently do not offer delivery services.

The time interval and the location for picking up the products are shown on each individual product, as well as in the payment confirmation.

When do the offers appear?

We are in constant communication with each partner and post their offers as they communicate them to us.

Often surplus food appears unexpectedly, so offers can appear both early in the morning and late in the evening, even for the next day (for products that are about to expire, for example).

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